RaRa brings vibrant colors, sassy moves and crazy costumes to the stage every time she dances.  She is an exciting whirlwind to watch.  Almost all of her costumes she has made and designed herself.  Whether at an underground rave or at an exclusive Hollywood club, RaRa will command the crowd and make them want to move!

GoGo dancing with the Glitterati Dancers at Dragstrip 66 at the Echoplex.

GoGo dancing at Bootie San Francisco.

 GoGo dancing at Bootie Los Angeles every first and third Saturday of the month.

 GoGo dancing with the Glitterati Dancers for Moheak Radio's launch party.

R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) 

RaRa has been an active member of the Los Angeles based dance troupe R.A.I.D. since December 2009.  R.A.I.D. is a radically new idea in a dance group where people of all shapes, sizes, ages and dance experience and/or training can come together and create outrageous and fun choreographed routines.  RaRa has performed with R.A.I.D. at numerous events including R.A.I.D.'s monthly residency at Bootie LA, Bootie SF, Electric Daisy Carnival, Lucent L'Amour, Lez at the Mez, and at private house parties, raves, and marriage proposals.  R.A.I.D. was even featured on the 2012 season of 
America's Got Talent!

 R.A.I.D. at Bootie San Francisco 

 R.A.I.D. performing the first and third Saturday of every month at Bootie Los Angeles

The Glitterati Dancers 

RaRa has been an active member of the Glitterati Dancers since January 2011.  The Glitterati gogo dance and perform short choregraphed dance numbers for exclusive parties and glam rock themed nightclub events.  One thing is always for certain, when the Glitterati show up there will be lots of glitter, sequins, and fabulousness!  They have performed at the Echoplex, Akbar, and the Carondelet House

 The Glitterati Dancers performing at Dragstrip 66.