RaRa Sis Bomba!  A clown by any other name would not be quite the same!

Welcome to the crazy world of an aerial-burlesque clown.  You have never heard of such a thing?  Well in the world of circus not everyone can be
 beautiful and sultry and provocative.  Sometimes a little humor is needed and RaRa brings the audience to tears of laughter.   It's never a 
dull ordinary show with her.

 Bubblewrap Aerial Clown

Aerial sure is scary and painful and RaRa realized that the best way to protect herself is to tape bubblewrap to her body!  RaRa can perform 
this hilarious routine in a children friendly version or as a more sexy, nude illusion adult version.

Fan Mail 

RaRa isn't going to send just send a letter to her favorite Hollywood celebrity.  No way!  She is going one step further and sending herself!


Taking your clothes off in front of people is scary, any clown will tell you so.  It's shy RaRa's first time so take it easy on her because knowing her she will surprise you by doing things with her tights you have never seen before.