RaRa Sis BOMBA is no classic burlesque dancer!

Finding inspiration from toys she played with as a child, sci-fi, 80s and 90s music, cartoons, hip hop and just about anything in between, RaRa always puts on an exciting, funny and sexy show.

 Pimp Foxy

Biggie Smalls and Jimmy Hendrix converge to get RaRa's wild side to come out. RaRa wears Mitsy Gaynor's original leopard and fox fur coat and muff.

 Chilly Ice Baby

When Chilly Willy meets early 90's hip hop all craziness can happen. 


Fembots are sexy plain and simple, but when a robot takes off her parts things get crazy and unexpected controls are revealed.  
Full LED light-up costume designed and created by RaRa.


Kris Kros will make RaRa jump.....and take her clothes off.

 Brazen Booties Burlesque

This Los Angeles based burlesque troupe has a new view on an old trend creating dynamic burlesque for the 21st century.   Brazen Booties is delighting audiences of both men and women with their playful, unexpected, and sexy shows happening monthly at their home studio: The Brazen Studios.  Along with doing solo performances, RaRa is also a member of the troupe.