Super Girl Super Silks

Every aerialist is a true superhero and RaRa takes it to the next level when she performs as Super Girl 
to a heart wrenching rendition of "Titanium" by Madilyn Bailey.

Bootie Black Rock City: Burning Man 2013 

Performing to a packed dome of hundreds above and below, RaRa lit up the air in wild abandon for the midnight mashup show for the annual 
Bootie BRC party that has now become the place to be at Burning Man for the last decade.

Atomic Holiday Lift-Off December 18-23, 2012

In this hilarious holiday circus variety show, directed and created by Stefan Haves, the Mayans come to the future to warn the King Family that it is the end of the world.  With a full ensemble cast, live band, and first rate circus variety performers and aerialists, this was a show not to be missed at Fais Do Do.  RaRa was part of the large scale aerial silks number and in the ensemble cast as a singer, actor and dancer.    

 Aerial Angel Burlesque

This epic routine is set to Florence and the Machine's song "Shake it Out" and is real tear jerker for the audience.  Wearing a crystal 
encrusted nude bodysuit designed by herself, RaRa transforms into an angel and flies sparkling above the audience.  

Aerial Mummy Burlesque

RaRa combines spooky and sexy in this funny aerial routine.  This mummy awakens and the first thing she wants to do is
take off her bandages!  

 Cirque School LA Halloween Showcase

Set to the tune of "The Lion Sleep Tonight" this lion was anything but sleeping.  The audience cheered as RaRa roared between her silks and young and old were swept away to a jungle land where lions fly and fall through the air and happily play with their tails in between.  Photography by Mari Provencher.  

 Cirque School LA at Los Feliz Street Fair

Performing her aerial clown bubble wrap routine at the Los Feliz Street Fair in Hollywood, CA, RaRa soared above and inspired future
circus enthusiasts.  Her performance was a great crowd pleaser as who doesn't love a clown?!  Silly,  whimsical and engaging,
RaRa's aerial shows are always a hit.
Photography by Kate Ducey 

 Cirque School LA Showcase April 2011

Every clown needs a theme song like "Powerhouse," especially one so scared to perform in the air she must cover herself in bubblewrap
to be safe.  A perfect aerial performance for all ages, RaRa literally pops for the crowd.
Photography by Mari Provencher

 Photo Shoots

 Alley Z Photography, October 2013

J. C. Argetsinger Photography, June 2012

Alley Z Photography, February 2012 

Mari Provencher Photography, November 2011 

 Tim Rich Photography, July 2011