The ABC's of RaRa Sis Bomba!

 means bomb in Spanish and RaRa is aptly named as such.  She is an explosion of color, life, love, joy, humor, and talent.  The moment she takes the stage, the audience is swept away and they fall in love with her personality and her sensuality.  
  • She's the innocent clown.
  • She's the provocateur.
  • She's the dancer with wings.
  • She's the one whose smile will melt your heart.

RaRa was born a clown to her poor unsuspecting parents in a small midwest town.  They instantly knew they had their hands full with this mischievous grinning bundle.  Her childhood was spent climbing trees and making her own clothes which soon spawned her ventures into fashion and costume design.  These days her life is spent climbing and falling through the air on silks at Cirque School LA, dancing with the troupes R.A.I.D. Random Acts of Irreverent Dance and Brazen Booties Burlesque, and making costumes for her performances and clothing for clients.

RaRa sure knows her alphabet.

Aerial--As a circus aerialist, RaRa specializes in airborne dance on the tissu silks.  She creates funny and intriguing performances that will make your belly ache with laughter and your heart break with joy.

Burlesque--RaRa takes modern burlesque to a new level of humor and craziness.  Taking inspiration from cartoons to superheroes, she will take your favorite 90s hip hop song and make it outrageously sexy. 

Clown--RaRa is not your everyday clown that makes balloon animals or juggles.  She may look innocent with her pink nose, but beware there's a feisty air of sex appeal in her eyes.

Dance--Whether gogo dancing or performing choreographed pieces, RaRa brings such a big personality and her own designed outrageous costumes she will inspire you to move along with her.

Contact RaRa Sis BOMBA

(952) 484-3013